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Paradise Point Marketplace

Paradise Point Marketplace is owned and operated by John & Sebrina Erskine. Everyone pitches in and does their part to make Paradise Point lots of fun and run smoothly.

It all started when John was driving to Barren River Lake on a Sunday afternoon to look at boats. It was late winter, and he had spring fever! On the way there he saw a "For Sale" sign on the side of the road in front of an old, closed-down restaurant. Being curious he decided to stop and check it out. The owner was inside, and one hour and a handshake later John bought the property.

Later that night when Sebrina got home from church, John had a suspicious look on his face. He told her that he had bought something. Thinking he'd bought a boat, it was a fun and exciting surprise when John told her, "I bought a building up at the lake, and we're going to open a shop!" (No gals, this didn't shock Sebrina too much! After 30+ years of marriage she's learned to expect his crazy adventures.)

Buying the shop was the easy part; then came the work. For the next few weeks the entire family brainstormed on everything they would like in a shop. Everybody gave ideas on what they thought people needed and would want. Eventually, the family came up with Paradise Point Marketplace, "Your Ultra Hip Oasis for Lakeside Shopping and Good Eats!"

John & Sebrina

Paradise Point is only open seasonally and then only on weekends. That allows John to practice his "real job" as a doctor of Chiropractic. John has practiced for 30 years and was voted Bowling Green, Kentucky's "Best Chiropractor" for 11 years in a row! He follows in his dad's footsteps who practiced Chiropractic for over 50 years.

Another side of John is that of an eccentric artist. He's constantly on-guard for new adventures and never afraid to dive into something unknown. Fun is at the top of his list of priorities. Almost everyday Paradise Point is open you will find him standing out front working on some painting while chatting with customers and serving hot dogs. John sells lots of colorful, whimsical paintings in the shop and has even placed first and second in the annual Scottsville, Kentucky art show.

Always beside John is his best friend, Hank. Seven years ago a customer brought in a chubby, big-eared German Shepherd puppy, and the dog has been a fixture at Paradise Point ever since. Hank loves the customers—especially the kids, and thinks his job is to eat everyone's leftovers! Last summer John even had to paint a sign that read, "Please don't feed Hank." It was fine until a customer named Hank asked why he couldn't eat!

The other half of Paradise Point is Sebrina. When not out "junking,"you'll find her managing John's practice. John's the idea guy with all the dreams and visions, and Sebrina's the detail gal who makes them come together.

Rarely will you see Sebrina in the shop without an apron on. So many customers asked about her aprons that a few years ago she started to create and sew her own aprons to sell. Each piece is a unique design made out of her collection of vintage fabrics.

One of Sebrina's goals at Paradise Point is to give women the opportunity to use their talents and gifts to create items that can sell. Paradise Point has several products from these women in the shop and Sebrina's always looking for other unique artsy items to add to her inventory. Be sure to check out Churchgirl Designs in the shop for her latest creations!

John and Sebrina are both active members of Crossland Community Church in Glasgow and Bowling Green, KY!

The Kids

Oldest daughter Niki is the real baker behind Swanky Sweets. Several years ago she surpassed her mom in skills. In between playing with baby Sofia and helping hubby Stuart with their other business (they own the Brewster's Ice Cream Shop in Bowling Green, Kentucky), Niki bakes all of the yummy brownies, cookies and cup cakes at the shop.

Harry, the namesake of the Weiner Shack is next in line to run the place. Combining the fun and friendliness of his dad with the business and sales skills of his mom, he's a shoe-in to take over one day. Harry's wife Becky is a huge help both up front with customers and in the kitchen preparing food. She's a natural fit with Paradise Point and gives an extra dose of enthusiasm and warmth to everyone! Currently, Harry and Becky have taken a sabbatical from Paradise Point while Harry serves his country in the Navy!

Annie is the artist of the family, taking after her father. She is the creative marketing and graphic design talent of our team. She owns her own company "Happy Doodle Studio LLC" where she does everything from graphic design to creating comic books and cartoons. She recently completed an internship with Cartoon Network and continues to work with them as a freelance designer as well as working with Hitcents as an illustrator/designer! She helps with our advertisements, t-shirts, and other swag!

The youngest Erskine, Max, been working at Paradise Point since he was 10 and is quickly making his way up the ladder! Max is probably our most important employee because he knows how to do everything from serving hot dogs to running the register. On the occasion that we get a lull at the shop, you'll see Max with guitar in hand strumming away and humming a tune. This year Max will be everyone's favorite because he's in charge of the new soft-serve ice cream machine!